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Engineering and Technical Science
Alpha Omega Epsilon and A.O.E. Foundation consider a technical science to be a discipline that is similar to an engineering discipline. The curriculum for a technical science degree would have an overlap with an engineering degree. A technical science degree must be a bachelor's of science and must be received at a college or university with an accredited program.

Degrees that qualify as technical science:
  • Any college or university degree that is accredited by ABET, such as Computer Science or Math. Refer to their website at for further information.
Degrees that are excluded from applying:
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical sciences (i.e. nursing, medicine, physical therapy, sports management)
  • Social Sciences (i.e. psychology)
  • Veterinary or animal sciences
List of degrees that MAY or MAY NOT be eligible, based on curriculum and college/university:
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Degree Recognition Process

If you are unsure if your major would qualify and you would like the Foundation to recognize the program at your school, please email the Degree Recognition Committee at: with the following information:
  • The discipline you are requesting to be approved
  • A copy of the undergraduate curriculum for that field of study with course descriptions
  • The college/university offering the program
  • The accrediting board of that program
  • The contact name of the Dean responsible for that discipline
  • Your contact information.
The Degree Recognition Committee requests must be submitted by February 15. Reviews take 4-6 weeks, so will you NOT be notified before the scholarship application deadline.